Couples, Relationship and Marriage Counseling in Vancouver

Do you struggle with your relationship?   Can you imagine greater satisfaction with your Partner.  

Seize this Moment.


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Loving Changes

Learning and Growing

What makes a relationship change?  First we remember what kind of friends you were when you started your relationship.  We then search for what makes you two a couple; learning how well you knew each other and grew your friendship into love. 

Digging Deep

Next, we explore both of your lives through different perspectives.  Since both of you co-create this love story we study what makes of each of you who you are.  We can then figure out the argument cycles and the ways you misunderstand.  We look for the deeper meanings that tell the "Story of Us."    

Bouncing Back

Resilience is about change and acceptance.  We separate what is true of each partner and what can be changed.  You grow in understanding, without judgement, to find the positive in each person.  As you turns toward one another you can see the life dreams and shared meanings that bind a couple close for a lifetime.

Couples Therapy

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We ALL Change


Adventure Psychological Services

Every Relationship Grows

How and Where we Grow is a Choice

Sometimes We Need a Guide on this Adventure.

Mike Myers - Couples Counselor

717 NE 61st St. Suite 202, Vancouver, Washington 98685, United States



Mike Myers - Marriage, Relationship and Couples Counseling 

TUESDAY            9:00 to 5:00

WEDNESDAY     9:00 to  5:00

THURSDAY          9:00 to 5:00


$120  per session 

(Please talk to me if price is an issue).